Best Organic Healthy Fat Foods

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Best Organic Healthy Fat Foods

Dietary fat is considered to be a major contributor to some chronic diseases like heart attacks. According to the American Heart Association, the saturated fat level should be less than 10% of the total calorie that we intake. 

Even though some saturated fats would not have negative effects on our body, some do offer benefits over their fat-free counterparts. These products are usually less processed and contain lower amounts of carbs and sugar.

Undoubtedly, healthy fat foods are the best ways to inculcate satisfaction and add nutrition to every bite we take. Healthy fat foods not only make our food taste richer but also offer a lot of benefits. Healthful high-fat foods are something that you should not shy away from.

Our body needs to have an adequate amount of fats from the diet we consume. Thus, let's understand in the blog below, some of the lip-smacking and best organic healthy fat foods that can improve our lifestyle and in turn our overall health.

Healthy Fat Foods


Avocados are some of the unique versions of fruits. Since most fruits contain carbs, avocados contain lots of fats. Avocados contain about 80% of fat which makes them even richer in terms of fat if compared to other animal foods. They are considered the best source of potassium. It has 15% of potassium which is also packed with antioxidant compounds.


Organic walnuts offer 21 grams of fats which are a fantastic source of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids. They also contain plentiful amounts of minerals such as copper and manganese.


We all love eating cheese, even if it's on sandwiches, on pizza bases, or on our daily diet. Cheese is surprisingly highly nutritious even if it has an uncertain reputation. Cheese is considered to be an important source of Phosphorus, Vitamin B12, and many other essential nutrients. It is also highly rich in protein with around 6 grams of protein in it. Moreover, if compared with other high-fat dairy products, it doesn't look like it contributes to an increase in heart diseases and risk.


Nut Butters are one of the best options if you love the flavor of nuts. They are full of nutrients and rich in taste. Since they are creamy and spreadable. They contain plentiful amounts of healthy fats. It's highly recommended that your diet should always involve a handful of cashews, sunflower seeds, peanut butter, and almonds.



Eggs are the most prominent source of proteins, particularly for people who follow a vegetarian diet. People used to believe that the egg whites are the healthier part of the egg, however the egg yolk actually contains more nutrients.

They contain around 5.3 grams of fat out of which 1.6 grams are saturated and provide around 78 calories. The egg yolk has some of the important vitamins that support the function of our brain, nerves, and liver such as Vitamin D and Vitamin B.

You can start your day with a vegetable omelet or a pasta dish that has poached egg added to it. Eventually, increase your intake of protein and healthful fats by avoiding a carbohydrate-heavy dinner. 

Organic Chia Seeds

Organic Chia seeds contain 11 grams of fats. They are generally not considered fatty food but do offer particular amounts of fiber since most of the constituents of Chia seeds come from the fat.

Chia seeds have some essential nutrients such as Omega 3 fatty acids which are also called Alpha-linolenic acids. They offer multiple health benefits that contribute towards having anti-inflammatory effects and lowering our blood pressure. When Chia seeds are loaded with fiber and Omega-3 S, they are absolutely nutritious and full of nutrients.

Virgin Olive Oil

The next best organic healthy fatty food is virgin olive oil. We all can agree that it helps to showcase some of the powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

Virgin olive oil is one of the most significant components of the Mediterranean diet. It has a lot of benefits that contribute to the improvement of your heart and its functions as well as your blood sugar. According to research, it also helps in weight management.

Virgin olive oil is considered to be extremely versatile when it is cooked with roasted vegetables and served with salad.

Final Thoughts

Naturally high fat foods offer a lot of health benefits if compared to their counterparts. Undoubtedly, the high-fat foods mentioned above can easily be a part of your daily diet to improve your health and your overall lifestyle.