The Silent Leaders of the Organic Movement in India

The Silent Leaders of the Organic Movement in India

In Our Farmers We Trust

There exists a common misconception around organic food in India. It is often viewed as a foreign fad, limited to affluent consumers but unable to meet the needs of the market. In reality, however, organic farming couldn’t be more native to India. A deep-rooted respect for nature has been passed down across generations of farmers.

Indian farmers have been pioneers in developing their own natural methods to care for the soil, successfully maintaining steady production and effectively dealing with pests. Today a growing number of local farmers devoted to maintaining the sanctity of their ever precious soil and produce are leading the organic movement in India.

Innate respect for nature

While ‘organic eating’ may be a trending topic in the market, the key role farmers play as the silent leaders of this organic revolution in India is often overlooked. Local farmers share an intimate relationship with the earth. Their lives revolve around their land and its health, spending years nurturing their environment quite literally from the ground up.

Zama Organics’ founder Shriya Naheta has had the opportunity to interact with several local farmers over the last few years, ranging from the lush valleys of Sikkim to the green plains of Maharashtra. “They have a straightforward mindset about life and the food chain. Cultivating the soil that grows their produce only brings them closer to their understanding of what matters; the health of the planet and the humans who call it home.” Organic farming isn’t a trend but rather a primal means of food production that respectfully works with nature as opposed to in conflict of it.

Setting a trend in motion one farm at a time

Organic farmers tend to lead by example, trusting one another given their common goals, interests and pain points. Coming across a family-held agriculture site in Nashik, Shriya met with a farmer whose son urged him to convert their fields from conventional to organic farming. While it took the family over 3 years to turn their cultivation practices organic, the farmer swears by the transformation he witnessed.

Through extensive planning and a fair dose of courage, they observed how the soil gained strength over the course of time, recovering from years of being ravaged by chemicals and pesticides. Eventually, they started experimenting and began crop rotation which helped them not only grow better produce but also uncover a natural means of pest control. As a pioneer of organic farming in the area, the success of this family’s fields, sparked interest in the region’s local farmers, inspiring them to join in on the organic movement.

Pride in (Organic) Produce

As clusters of farmers become self-sufficient, they realize that organic farming not only lets them cultivate higher quality produce for consumers but also satiates a moralistic hunger. For many local farmers in India, agriculture contributes to their sense of self-worth. Producing clean organic products has allowed farmers to rekindle their connection with the earth.

They take pride in their produce, knowing that they have respected nature’s boundaries and cultivated crops as it was intended. It isn’t merely a means to an end but rather the realization of a long-burning passion to cultivate the best organic produce the soil has to offer. They hold a special pride and fondness for the produce that is famous to their local region, be it crisp apples from Kinnaur or ruby red pomegranates from Nashik.

News entrants bolstered by growing popularity

With growing health consciousness and demand for chemical-free produce, reports indicate that a rising number of farmers are switching to chemical-free cultivation. Farmers in Madhya Pradesh are leading the charge accounting for 40% of the total organic produce in the country. Interestingly many farmers have started selling their fresh organic produce directly to consumers in their respective regions, giving them access to a wider market.

Our role as consumers

By making conscious buying decisions, choosing authentic & organic produce over chemically treated fruits and vegetables you aren’t just doing yourself a favor but are aiding in creating an established market to encourage more farmers to take the leap and go organic in their farming practices!

Zama Organics is dedicated to providing you with the best organically grown produce and ingredients India has to offer. We partner with the most responsible farmers across India to ensure our products are free of harmful chemicals and pesticides.

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