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Buy Kaapi House Kombucha (Coffee) - 330ml Online

Kaapi House Kombucha (Coffee) - 330ml

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Biodynamic coffee, organic cacao husk, organic cinnamon.


A Conversation over Drinks

What is SOMA Kombucha?

Naturally fizzy and probiotic, a forest-to-cup kombucha from the Western Ghats of Kerala. Inspired by California kombuchas, we produce a drink with acidity levels that mirror champagne or prosecco, making it enjoyable to have one whole glass, or three. We blend with unfiltered spring water and honey, for extra deliciousness and purity. That said, do not shake the bottle before opening! Chill well before serving.

What about the sediment and bits inside the bottles?

SOMA is raw and unfiltered for a reason: to retain sediment and these floaties, probiotics and vitamin life rafts. Glug them, they’re good for you. You won’t even taste them. What exactly is inside a bottle of SOMA? Biodynamically grown mountain green and black teas. Rainforest spices. Leaves and fruits. Ayurvedic blooms from the Himalayas and the Western Ghats. All organic, fresh foraged, or sustainably grown whenever possible. Our ingredients and process, close to the wild forests we source from, are unparalleled.

What is biodynamic tea?

Forests are logged when humans pursue agriculture, even organic agriculture. This is especially true of tea estates, those vast mountain-top monocultures you’ve seen in Darjeeling and Munnar. We like forests. Forests are vital for humans, animals, and to mitigate climate change. This is why we source biodynamic tea, grown in accordance with the world’s highest organic standards, Germany’s Demeter Biodynamic Farm Standard. In addition to following all organic practices, biodynamic farms enliven the soil through a holistic approach that encourages farmers to grow forests alongside their food.

Will SOMA get me drunk?

You can try to use kombucha as a mixer, but on its own, our blends don’t have any more alcohol than a loaf of bread, or a piece of fruit. Think of fermenting sourdough, or sun-ripening mango. The whiff of alcohol produced is enjoyed by the bacteria, and converted into champagne-like bubbles. These tiny bubbles make your bread lightand puffy. In SOMA, they make your tongue happy. We also test samples to make sure alcohol levels don’t reach .5%.

May I make a cocktail with this stuff? Vodka, and spirits generally, do play quite nicely with our drinks. Use kombucha in cocktails as you would a tonic water or sparkling wine.

How much kombucha is enough for me?

While our listed volume is 330 ml, we fill to a generous 350 ml: pours for two or three friends or family members. Feel free to share, or keep it to yourself. 

Why does your bottle and website mention Camp Cardamom?

In 2019, we started Camp Cardamom, an arts and outdoors program for kids, in the Western Ghats of Kerala. We divert profits from kombucha sales to support the program!