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Organic Baby Lettuce Mix

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We’re pretty proud of our seasonal baby salad mix, freshly picked on our farm. We grow all sorts of organic leaves, and pick what’s tasting best each season to give you a balanced mix of colours, textures and flavours: sweet, peppery, delicate and crisp. Look out for young leaves of green romaine, oak leaf, lollo rosso, rocket, and batvia. It’s a great addition to any salad, sandwich, or smoothie!

Cooking Tips

Three tips for a yummy salad: -Balance: Balance salty cheese or olives with sweet apples, roasted peppers or tomatoes, and combat bitter tastes with something sharp. -Texture: Toasted nuts, seeds or croutons will lend a crunch. Pulses and grains such as chickpeas can make the salad more filling!. Flavour & Garnish: Herbs, crumbled cheese, nuts and vibrant dressings are best added at the end as a finishing touch.

Storage Tip

Keep in the fridge with the leafy greens, make sure the delicate leaves don't get crushed. Eat within a couple of days. Fresh from our farm, so give the leaves a wash before using.