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Buy Organic Bottle Gourd (Dudhi) Online

Organic Bottle Gourd (Dudhi)

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Bottle Gourd (Dudhi, Lauki, Ghia) is a versatile vegetable which when baked, slow-roasted, pureed for soups, or even stir-fried is the perfect addition to your daily diet! Above everything, its the ideal type of vegetable to have in summers due to the natural cooling properties and water content it has.

1 kg of bottle gourd contains approximately 2 to 3 pieces. However, the size and weight of the organic produce coming from the farm may vary slightly.

Cooking Tip:

Grated bottle guard makes excellent dudhi ka halwa with the right amount of sweetness.


Storage Tip:

Chopped bottle gourd should be stored in airtight containers and must be kept in the refrigerator. Unchopped whole bottle gourd should be wrapped in a paper bag and should be stored in the fridge.