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Boosts Immune System • Anti-Inflammatory

Ginger (Adarak) needs little introduction as it is a staple in Indian kitchens. Strong in flavor and scent, ginger provides the necessary kick to our morning chai and warms our dinner-time meals. As a root vegetable, ginger absorbs much more or what is in the surrounding soil, which is what you directly consume. Our organically grown ginger ensures that you do not consume any residual pesticides or herbicides in the soil. 

Cooking Tip:

Boil grated ginger, honey, tulsi and lemon in water to get rid of cold.

Storage Tips:

Store in a well-ventilated and dark place, away from any humidity.

Ginger stores well in the refrigerator. Wash the root as per-use. Ensure that all the peeled parts of ginger are dry before storing them in the fridge.

1 kg of ginger contains approximately 5 to 8 pieces. However, the size and weight of the organic produce coming from the farm may vary slightly.