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Organic Lemon Grass

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Lemongrass is known for its fragrant leaves and stocks, both of which can be used as a flavoring. It has a light taste and won't overpower the other flavours in a dish. Lemongrass is commonly used in Asian cooking for a zesty note and is especially good in soups, stews, and curries. Add it to tea for an extra special cup of chai or alleviate sore throats and cold symptoms by making an herbal infusion of lemongrass and honey.

Storage Tip:

Cut the freshly delivered organic lemongrass in pieces and pack them in a reusable perforated pouch or a paper bag and refrigerate them. This will allow the lemongrass to be fresh for up to one to two weeks.

Cooking Tip:

Tear up some fresh lemon grass to add in your tea or soup to get the most of its benefits and flavours.